I am sure like me you are raring to go with the Competition Season. The Medals are underway, and the greens staff have done a fantastic job to present the courses so well, despite the cold dry April conditions, which even saw last Wednesdays Medal delayed due to ground frost.  However, despite the cold weather what is clear is that we are really seeing the benefits of the winter wheel policy, so thanks to everyone for supporting this.

Clubhouse security has been an issue recently. The practice of wedging open the keypad controlled door to the Gents Locker must desist immediately. Furthermore, the use of the rear fire escape door to enter and exit with equipment is not acceptable. It has been found left open. This is a security and insurance compliance disaster. There have been thefts from the Club in the last few months; there is no sense in making it easy for the thieves.

The return of the nuisance from teenage partying over the fence behind the Cawder 6th tee has been noted. I would urge any members observing this behaviour to call the Police, it is only by persisting with the complaint that a response will be obtained.

I would like to express my personal thanks to all of our management team, who have stepped forward to help fill the void left by the General Manager. Well done to all.

Enough from me, lets keep replacing those divots and repairing those pitchmarks folks.


David Reid


Membership Update

With the season underway we have begun to see new members joining us again. We know there are a lot of golfers out there who don’t have memberships and we’re still offering a £100 bounty to any member who recruits a new member who joins and stays with us into 2018. Please help the club and yourself by trying to promote it to friends and family.

However, we are facing stiff price competition from other courses in the area who are offering substantial discounts to new members. The other clubs have become wrapped up in a race to the bottom of the market, offering cut price memberships to attract new members. We want to assure our membership that we will not be offering cut price deals to join Cawder. The membership fee that we charge a new joiner is the same as the fee we charge an existing member and we have no intentions to alter that.

Instead we will be using our funds to provide the best experience we can to players. We’re focussing on the quality of the golf course and the club house. We hope that by doing that we can attract members who are looking to pay a fair price for a premium product.

We do still need the support of our members though. To cover the cost of improvements we would ask that members who can try and spend a little extra this summer at the club. Either having something to eat in the clubhouse or by signing on a few guests on for a round. If ever member was to spend an additional £50 this year we would have all the money we need.

Above all we appreciate all of our members and we are thankful for your ongoing support.

Captain’s Drive

The Captain’s Drive Event proved a great success. Margo’s tee shots were struck for her by her daughter, Laura, who acquitted herself very well. Rewards were paid to the Marie Curie Charity buckets, and the “Longest Drive with a putter” proved a money-spinner. Meanwhile, on the Cawder, yours truly was lurking up at the 8th. Only one tee-shot landing in the bunker. Sorry Guys!

The “Hit the green with a putter shot” challenge proved more difficult than expected! Only 3 winners of a bottle of wine. Good revenues for the Charity of course. Many Thanks for the generosity of the all the players as £140 was raised for such a worthy cause. Carol Wilson and her Staff are also to be commended for great service and a tasty breakfast and buffet afterwards. Thanks to them for their contribution.

Supplementary Medals

We are now introducing the opportunity for members to return supplementary scores, which can help provide more evidence of playing ability for a wider range of players.

These can be played at any time over either course from the yellow tees, only once you have signed the entry book in the Pro Shop prior to your round.

Players are eligible to submit up to 10 scores per annum, with those under 2.4 handicap restricted to a maximum of 3 and only between 1st Sept-31Dec.

Cawder Course Thursday Medals

Due to requests and further demand for more playing opportunities, we are now offering midweek Medal rounds to be played on a Thursday over the Cawder Course.

These will start on Thursday 11th May and will be held every fortnight thereafter where we will gauge play and support of this initiative.

The BRS system will be loaded with competitions time blocks, periodically spread throughout the day to allow players to individually seek a game.

BRS Online Booking

With the playing season very nearly into full swing I thought I would update you on a bit of housekeeping to help us build accurate management reports and overall performance of our online tee booking system.

During the playing season April to September 2016, we seen 41% of reservations neglecting to check in with the Professional Shop. I would sincerely request that we try to improve this figure by notifying our starter of your arrival 15 minutes before your tee time.

If deciding not to play please either delete your own name in the same way you made your reservation, or if cancelling last minute, please inform our Professional staff to confirm your non-attendance. This will help with our report management and also enhance overall availability and ensure that the tee does run smoother.

Our preference would be that you populate your reservation with yourself and your playing partner’s names. (You only need to do this once, they then will appear in your “Buddy List” saving you the searching process on any future reservations) This will allow individual players to confirm their own availability and help prevent any unnecessary overbooking of the tee at busier times.

If we can all pull together on this then I’m sure we will help prevent any unnecessary inconvenience to other members and with the proper usage of the system we will continue to reap the benefits both financially and through tee time availability.

Corporate Membership

We have revised our corporate offers, so now we have an offer targeted at small business as well as one targeted at larger business.  Please feel free to review our corporate offer and if you know of any businesses that may be interested in then please let us know.

Again, like the membership bounty we are offering £100 of credit to any member that refers a corporate members.

Golf Events

We have also revised our visitor package offers, making them more flexible and so suitable for every budget, and we are offering any member that wishes to bring a golf event to Cawder a discount.

Why not get your work colleagues or a group of friends together and host your own golf event here at Cawder GC.

As always any support for YOUR Golf Club is appreciated. Please contact secretary@cawdergolfclub.com for availability.

Greens Update

The green staff have been working tirelessly over the winter to produce the course in excellent condition for the start of the season.

However, to help ensure the course is as good as it can be for the whole season, we all need to stick to designated pathways – this is to ensure certain areas are given time to grow and repair from heavy traffic.

To support our greens staff and of course to make everyone’s experience at Cawder whether member or visitor more memorable, please ensure we stay on top of our etiquette by repair your pitch marks, replacing our divots and raking the bunker in preparation for it’s next victim. Please take pride in the presentation of your own golf courses.

Comedy Night

The Social Committee have been applying themselves to coming up with something a little bit different.

Following a fairly conventional Family Easter Day event, they have arranged for us a Comedy Evening, compered by Graham Mackie who will be tailoring the evening to the widest possible audience.

Graham will be joined by Patrick Rolink “regular headliner at the Strand”, Susie McCabe “runner-up Scottish Comedian of the Year 2012” and Graham Stewart “Laughing Horse – Best new act 2015”

I am certainly looking forward to 20th May, bring them on! Tickets priced at £10 can be purchased at the bar or by calling Carol or her staff on 0141 761 1283.