hopefully you have already seen Ian’s email with the great news that our landlords, Derwent have agreed to give us a £50, 000 rent reduction for each of the next 3 years – so a total saving of £150, 000. This is a huge result for the Club, providing us with an excellent opportunity to focus on re-positioning the Club to its rightful position.

We had a very positive member’s forum this week, and personally, it was great to see so much support for the committee. So thanks to all that came along, and thanks for your positive messages of support.

The 2020 plan is a 3-year plan, which aims to get the Club back to where it should be. This year the focus is on how we run our club operations better, so fixing the problems that we know exist, and improving performance.  Next year, the focus will be on growing our core revenue streams and enhancing our offerings, and so some of the core activities this year will be looking to 2019 and how we can achieve this. Then in 2020 we plan to be in a strong position where we can transform our Club and take Cawder back to the forefront of Golf Clubs in Central Belt.

However, we cannot achieve our goals without support from our members, which of course means giving us time to implement improvements. We will closely monitor our performance throughout the year to check that we are on track, and continue to engage and collect feedback from our members, but this is also a call-to-action to members for support; support your club, support your committee and support your staff.


We actually didn’t have many questions with regards to the plan itself or indeed the presentation, just a lot of good feedback, so hopefully that means we covered off all the main points.  However, there was one question on the night and one comment on FB, which I would like to share:

Q: How are we going to ensure continuity and the plan is followed through by the next captain and captain after that?

A: we already have the next 3 Captains in place, which we shared at the AGM in December. Allan MacKintosh will follow me, and Stephen Sawers will follow Allan.  The plan itself has been a combined effort between the three of us, and of course Ian. Going forward we intend to share the plan for the following year at the AGM, again to ensure continuity.

Q: How are we going to ensure we deliver against the plan?

A: We have a strong committee now, with all the positions filled this year. We are also supported by a wider group of members, all stepping forward to fill sub-committee roles, and all of whom bring valuable skills that will help the Club move forward. This year we have an excellent General Manager in Ian, which has already been recognised by Derwent and why they have insisted that Ian drives the business plan going forward.

Therefore, we are in a strong position now, but we can’t do this without the support of the members. The call-to-action is to give the Club time to implement the changes and make improvements.  I can’t emphasise enough the importance of our members support.


Andy Fairbairn