General Conditions

The challenge of presenting the courses for another golfing season is now upon our Greenkeeping team. As usual, the weather is playing its part. The snow and frost have played havoc with the winter program, but Neil and his team have managed to get through the clear majority and are moving ahead with their spring maintenance programme. The biggest hurdle recently has been the ground temperatures, as grass will simply not grow until the soil has warmed up. They are currently trying to force the cycle with fertilisers and top dressings to stimulate growth, and we are now seeing warmer temperatures, which are hopefully here to stay. However, we estimate that we are 3-4 weeks behind schedule this season as a result, but as you can now see the course(s) are coming on quickly, so not long until they are back at thier best, but please be patient.


All the machinery has had its annual winter service and is ready for the cutting season to begin in earnest.


We’ve had a few personnel changes in the greens team over the winter. So, we have some new faces to get used to (Luke and John), but we have also lost 2 members of the team, and so Ian is helping Neil with recruitment as we have had a lot of interest in filling the new positions. We’ll also be taking on 2 temporary staff over the summer, so if any members know of anyone looking for some paid experience, or indeed a gateway into full-time greenkeeping then please get in contact with Ian or Neil.

Cawder and Keir courses

  • Greens height of cut has now been lowered to 5mm this will again be reduced to 4mm over the next couple of weeks.
  • Tees and surrounds height of cut is now 10mm.
  • Fairway height of cut is now 13mm.
  • Roughs will be cut at approx 40mm.
  • Greens have had 2 applications of top dressing to even out the putting surface, but with the cold mornings we are still getting an uneven growth pattern so we still have a bit to go before we achieve the putting surfaces that we are used to.
  • Tees and surrounds have been fertilised and aeriated using mechanical fork.
  • Tees and winter traffic routes have been seeded to repair winter damage.
  • Fairway protection with the use of mats is well behind us. Divot anchors are available on both 1st tees to help stabilise divots.
  • Fairway scarification and chemical applications to control moss on fairways is in the spring maintenance program, and will be carried out when conditions allow.
  • The Irrigation system is currently being repaired so that it is ready for the hot, dry summer we all hope comes along!
  • Progress on the academy course is coming along. We have now built 3 new greens and are currently finishing them off with turf. The further 3 greens will be constructed once planning permission has been granted by historic Scotland.
  • And finally, we have put a 4th tee on the Cawder course. This is for anyone to use. The idea is to simply shorten the course and make it more attractive to all levels of golfers. 


Graeme Cross