• Height of cut is currently 3mm on both courses
  • Greens are cut every day at present
  • Holes are currently changed 2 – 3 times per week
  • Greens are verticut (scarified) every two weeks to thin out the sward to achieve a fast putting surface
  • Irrigation system on the Cawder course is working flat out to limit any possible drought damage
  • The new water bouser is also being used nonstop on the Keir course at night and early morning at present applying approximately 10,000 litres of water in a normal shift to tees and greens
  • Applications of fertiliser and nutrients will continue to be applied as required, during this dry spell all nutrients will be applied as a liquid through our powered sprayer, to limit the chance of scorching the plant in dry conditions, as will any fungicides that will maintain or improve turf health

Tees and surrounds

  • Height of cut is currently 9mm
  • All short hole tees on both courses are reseeded every 2 weeks to repair divot damage


  • Height of cut is currently 13mm
  • All G.U.R areas damaged by winter flooding continue to be levelled off with top soil and reseeded, to help encourage the germination process we are applying fertilisers on some of the weaker fairways to try and improve and thicken the sward of grass
  • An application of moss killer has been applied to fairways and we will hopefully scarify them over the next couple of months when the competitions slow down
  • Divot repair will be carried out on landing areas on both courses over the next couple of weeks


  • Height of cut currently 40mm
  • A new rough mower is being added to our grass cutting fleet, this will improve cut consistency we are expecting delivery early June
  • Selective spraying for weeds on fairways and rough is ongoing at present


We have taken on 3 summer staff for the season to assist with flymo, strimmer and divot work Water bouser and automatic system in action