The team have been working hard on the winter programme, the Amen Corner plan devised in conjunction with Course Architect, Stuart Rennie and on the usual day to day requirements of our 2 golf courses.


Our ongoing aeration programme of hollow coring for greens, tees and fairways continues on both courses.

This vital work helps to relieve compaction, reduces puddling and ensures the soil and grass plant are in the best possible health over the winter and for the new season ahead.


Rubber protection mats for walkways plus posts and ropes have been placed on selected areas to help prevent wear and tear on both courses. Member cooperation is appreciated in these areas.
A new path had been created between the 13th green and 14th Ladies tee which will make the walk between these areas much safer and easier to negotiate. The picture below shows the area with work still ongoing to complete the surface of the path. The team expect to finish this job very soon.


All bunker edges on the Keir course have been tidied up with sand moved to the correct areas. The exceptions are the 5th, 8th &13th, where the team plan to lower the existing faces.

Hedges behind the 14th green and 16th medal tee have been tidied up. The fact that no more leaf debris will fall allows the team to begin clearing and cleaning out burns and ditches.

The team continue to work on a number of paths around the course and these are being freshened up, tidied and edged where required.


13th: A huge amount of rhododendron and scrub trees have been taken away.
The hole has been opened up and work will continue to clear more particularly on the left hand side, which as you can see from the picture will open open the green and surrounds  improving playability as well as improving the overall appearance.

 15th: The team have started clearing the trees and rhododendrons from the corner to make the hole more visually appealing and to entice some people to drive over the moat to make the second shot -if successful- a lot easier.

16th: The large rhododendron half way up the path on the right hand side has been removed in order to open up the view to the right hand side bunkers and the semi rough short and right of the green.

In all of these areas, reinstatement and further works have still to be carried out.



Please follow the club’s social media accounts for further updates over the winter period. The team would like to wish all the members a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year when it arrives.
Neil MacLennan